Welcome to Domido!

Have you ever thought why it is so difficult to build home? I mean STILL so difficult? We are in XXI century, we can buy almost anything online and have it delivered next day. We can order food, tickets, taxi - any kind of services - much easier and faster than it was 10 years ago. Only construction industry is not changing. To build a house is risky in terms of budget, scope and time, and very expensive.

What if you can order the house online, have all components delivered overnight and within a week or two - have it in ready-to-live condition? What if you can redesign your own house and get it changed within few days at cost of materials and labor? What if houses are built like in strategy game: just select a location, drop the house and wait a little? That will totally change the way people live and interact!

OK, this might be technologic dream for now. But we want to imagine how the world changes if such technology is developed. And the best way to get it is to create a game, in which you can live in such a dream.

Just think about this. Updates will follow soon, we have something for you to see and test!