Main principle:

We automate most building processes and eliminate inefficient operations

What is DomiDo

DomiDo is a comprehensive ecosystem that consolidates the services, products, and operations necessary to complete any construction project.

DomiDo ecosystem implements start-to-finish automated process for building without intermediaries, beginning with the architectural design and ending with the finished structure.

DomiDo combines unique software and engineering solutions:

Unique Construction System makes it possible to build in a modular fashion without the use of mortar by following specially developed assembly instructions.

Digital platform integrates software tools for designing and selling structures in an automated mode without unnecessary middlemen.

DomiDo Features

A single standard for design, assembling and managing contracts guarantees quality of construction.

A universal Construction System makes it possible to build any structure:

All the blocks and elements are standardized and produced according the DomiDo Standard - a set of uniform principles and rules.

Thanks to this standardization, all blocks can be combined with one another regardless of their shape, material or production method.

The DomiDo Construction System can be used for building residential and commercial buildings, outdoor and park amenities, high-rise buildings and infrastructure projects.

DomiDo System significantly simplifies and speeds up the construction process and has potential for robotization:

The completed structure is built from a set of fully ready-to-use blocks, including those with surfaces finished for interiors and exteriors.

The blocks are connected by reinforcing fasteners, without mortar, on modular principles, in accordance with clear instructions.

The building materials do not require any additional on-site works, no construction waste or material losses.

DomiDo digital platform enables to integrate and automate key operations usually performed by intermediaries:

Provides an infrastructure for direct interaction between contractors and clients.

Automatically generates of an optimal set of linked contracts that regulates the relationship between all participants based on project requirements.

Automatically makes engineering and financial calculations: estimates, bill of materials etc.


The Client gets:


Access to global intellectual resources – architects, engineers, designers


Precise realization of their ideas


An easy-to-understand building process with client’s active part


Extremely flexible, high-quality construction solutions


Quaranteed quality construction with no required field supervision


Faster and cheaper construction


Cheaper maintenance for the finished structure


Easy-to-remodel interiors


Eco-friendly building process ensures low noise, minimal construction waste, more energy efficiency

The DomiDo Value

DomiDo System enables the exclusion of middlemen, while increasing efficiency and automation. This leads to saving money along the value chain, increased margins and economic benefits for all participants.

Construction Standard is available for implementation by third parties (contractors) that ensues manifold increase in participants.

DomiDo makes design process intuitive for anyone, including DIY format both in design and building, and provides the platform for transparent construction management. Construction with DomiDo becomes more customer-friendly and widely available.